Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Afrinvestor.com?

    Afrinvestor.com is an online trading and investment management portal provided by Afrinvest Securities Limited that allows investors/users trade securities and other investment products, in real time with no minimum account opening balance from anywhere they are with an internet enabled device.

  2. Why choose Afrinvestor.com ?

    • Initiate trade orders from anywhere in the world.
    • 24/7 access to your all your various investment accounts in one place.
    • Access to our award winning research
    • No minimum account opening balance
    • Convenience and control over your Investment.
    • Tools and support though investor education
    • Advanced trading strategies and development
    • Fund or make withdrawals to and from your account from anywhere you are
  3. What are the requirements to use Afrinvestor.com?

    Investors interested in using Afrinverstor.com should have the following: -

    • Access to Internet
    • Active e-mail address.
    • An Operational Bank Account (current or savings)
    • Relevant regulatory documentation (National ID, Passport, Utility Bill, Signature Specimen)
  4. What are the benefits of Afrinvestor.com?

    The benefits include:

    • Direct access to your account.
    • Investment decisions can be realized anywhere you are and at
    • Access to our market research insight and reports
    • Convenience and control
    • Speed of investment decision execution
    • Secure and efficient platform
    • Instant Execution of mandates on The Exchange trading systems through Straight Through Processing
  5. How can I make payments?

    Payments can either be made online from the website using VISA and Interswitch enabled debit cards or by making a payment into our bank account either physically or by using an online transfer method.

  6. How do I begin to use Afrinvestor.com?

    Log on to our site: www.afrinvestor.com, complete the online form.

  7. What are the basic documentations required to open my account?

    You are required to upload scanned copies of the following documents when filling the online account opening form:

    • Recent passport photograph(colored)
    • Means of identification which could be any of driver's license, international passport or national identity card.
    • Utility bill (Not older than 3 months)
    • Signature specimen
  8. Can I submit my certificates or stale warrants for revalidation?

    Yes but at a fee. Original certificates or stale warrants would have to be sent to our office. However we advise our clients to complete e-bonus and e-dividends forms in order to avoid any buildup of certificates and stale warrants.

  9. How do I send in mandates?

    Trade mandates can be placed online on the portal (www.afrinvestor.com)

  10. Do I receive alerts on my transactions executed?

    Yes. Any transaction carried out on your account will be communicated to you either via email or text message. In addition upon execution of any mandates, a Contract Note will be sent to you via email giving you details of the transaction executed on your behalf.

  11. Who is eligible to be on this platform?

    Any adult above the age of 18 years (However; if a minor, a sponsor is required)

  12. How can I make payments?

    Online transfer, VISA and Interswitch enabled debit cards

  13. What happens after opening an account online?

    Upon submission of your form, you will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your form and documents. You will be notified of an opened CSCS account no later than 48hrs of completing the form after which you may proceed to fund your account and start trading.

  14. Can I transfer my account from my present Stock broker to Afrinvest Securities Limited?

    Yes you can transfer your account from one stock broking house to another. This has been made very easy by the CSCS, and this happens at no cost. Please send an email to brokerageteam@afrinvest.com for more information on this.

  15. Who will manage my account?

    Afrinvestor.com effectively puts you in complete control of your investment decisions. As a user of Afrinvestor.com, you get direct market access and real time trade processing, as well as access to live data feeds from The Exchange. You are in complete control of your investment accounts.

  16. I am new in the Capital Market and don't know how to go about stock selection

    As a client you get access to our research department’s insights in addition to the tools and resources provided we will also be inviting users/clients for period seminars and informative/interactive sessions which will be aimed at increasing investor’s aptitude in investment decision making

  17. I am not in Nigeria; can I open an account via Afrinvestor.com?

    Yes, you can have an account via Afrinvestor.com and be very active from any part of the world. We currently have clients that are not within the country including clients in the oil and gas sector who work offshore all have access to their brokerage accounts as long as they have access to the internet.

  18. How do I know that my order has been executed?

    You will receive an automated, system generated and system-sent email of your contract notes as soon as your mandate is executed.

  19. Can I access your research archive?

    Yes, as a registered client you can access all of research reports